About Us

FACTlix solves the massive problem of fake consumer reviews with an unique, proprietary AI/Machine Learning Technology. It is proven and ready to use. FACTlix can be integrated into search engines, market places, and review portals – as a Sofware as a service („SaaS“). It can be tailored to any industry and language – as well as to Privacy Policies, UI, and legal terms of companies in any jurisdiction.

FACTlix solves the Review Quality Problem

FACTlix is a AI-based, machine learning-based technology that identifies fake reviews prior to publication. It does so by combining a protocol to collect reviews, a software to assess reviews and to operate a decision process. We have proven FACTlix with around 20 million visitors and around 400 million datapoints.

FACTlix is patent pending in the US and international applications are in process. The patent includes AI processes that check authenticity of consumer generated content based on several layers of sophisticated pattern recognition.